Created by Joey on 04/03/2012
Clinton and Jo Anne waste no time in starting the large family they both wanted. Their first-born is a son named Norman Keyes (March 14, 1955). Mary Lynne (October 26, 1956) is their first girl, and like her paternal grandmother Genevieve, was born in the Philippines. When Clinton's duty at Sangley Point is done, the family heads back to the United States. The second son, Alan Clinton (February 24, 1958) is born while Clinton finishes up his commitment to the Navy in Imperial Beach. Their next child arrives after a three-year break. Catherine Anne (April 25, 1961) is born at Fresno Community Hospital, continuing the boy-girl pattern. Daughter JoAnne (November 21, 1964) Patricia is an unexpected Valentine's Day gift. Proud dad Clinton is overcome with love and gratitude after his wife endures 30+ hours of labor, finally delivering Joey (as she would be called) just three hours before Jo Anne's 30th birthday. He declares that instead of Joan, the new baby's name would be JoAnne. Except he and her mother forget to tell her until she was 30 years old that there was supposed to be a space in her name. Joey insists she will have none of that.