Always the many

Created by walker-s on 08/03/2012
Lynne, I thought this was worth sharing. My Dad & step-mother Ann were married on July 30, 1968 by Don Franson, Sr in his judges chambers. It was a very small ceremony and the only ones in attendance were the Franson kids, Ann's kids Holly & Bill, the 4 Sadler kids, Dad's mom, Ann's mom, and a handful of really close friends; Beanie & Bert Irola, Fred & Jane Wiley, Marge & Bruce Higtons, etc. Mom & Vernon were out of town at the time (maybe by design ;-)) and guess who came over and organized getting the four of us all dressed and properly groomed in our finest wedding attire? JOANN!! I had never heard this story before this past Monday nor did I remember it but it made perfect sense. Despite having 5 kids of her own, she always managed to keep a watchful eye over the 4 Sadler kids too! Susan Sadler Walker (Marcie, Stephen, & Laurie too)