I claim to be the Thaxter who knew Jo Anne longer than others. We were a year apart in school and traveled in the same social circles. She often reminded me of an incident I had forgotten. When we were in high school the favorite meeting spot for teenagers looking for parties and all that go along with them was called "the stacking grounds." It's next to the railroad tracks west of Ashlan and was then considered out in the country. One night there was the typical gathering of kids in cars. Apparently someone complained to the sheriff's office and there was a "raid." In the confusion and panic Jo Anne somehow got stranded on foot. I happened to drive by and saw her walking alone in a somewhat desolate area. I picked her up and took her home. She always credited me with keeping her out of Juvenile Hall or at least of getting her home safely without having to walk several miles. Although our minds are flooded with fond memories of Jo Anne, the deepest impression is of her utter devotion to and love for Clinton and their children, and of theirs for her. Out hearts go out to them. Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol

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